Kurdish Optical Character Recognition | KOCR


Ovanya's KOCR is a service that detects and extracts text and data from scanned documents. KOCR is the first Kurdish optical character recognition, and now it is available to be applied in any application. It is the future of archiving Kurdish documents and books. KOCR makes it easy to quickly and accurately extract data. With our custom-built document layout analysis services you can extract data from forms and store them to databases.


Use Cases

Archiving books and scanned documents

Through our fast and accurate KOCR we can save many noble and endangered books-documents by digitizing them and archiving them so that they’ll be accessible for everyone, everywhere. KOCR is considered unsurpassable in speed and ideally adequate in accuracy. Our focus is on archiving, and making it much easier for researchers to find and get what they need faster. With such accuracy comes the ability to create searchable documents. You can also search a list of words or sentences, with implementing logical operations on them in a user-friendly way.

kocr scanning and archiving app

Automated data extraction

Forms and tables help us deal with data and information in a more accessible and classified way. You can barely find any documents without forms or tables in government or companies. When it comes to utilizing forms and tables, it can be a very time consuming task. KOCR has the ability to extract data contained in forms and tables, and here it comes one step further and connects the output to databases. You can connect KOCR to your operative databases or you can direct it to new databases.

Automated data extraction

Integrated applications

We’ve designed KOCR service in a way that it can adapt to any environment, thus integrating KOCR to any application that needs to leverage its capabilities is possible. some examples of third party applications require OCR are translating printed documents, number plate recognition, passport recognition and information extraction in airports, cheque handling in banks, Extracting business card information into a contact list, Etc.

kocr integrated application