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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Consulting

We help organizations start their projects in a modern way by providing AI and data science consulting services at Ovanya. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise needed to guide organizations through the complex process of starting an AI project and ensure they achieve their goals with the latest advancements in AI and data science technology. The AI and data science life cycle includes:

We conduct an analysis of the organization's current processes, systems, and data to determine how data science or AI can best be leveraged to achieve the organization's goals. This research can also include an analysis of the AI landscape, including trends, available technologies, and potential competitors.
We develop a comprehensive plan for the AI project. This plan includes timelines, budgets, and resources needed for each stage of the project. It also outlines the specific goals and metrics that the organization hopes to achieve through the project.
Once the plan is in place, our team can provide guidance on how to execute the project successfully. This may include providing training and education to staff, advising on best practices for AI project management, and ensuring that the project stays on track.
Throughout the project, our team will monitor progress and provide feedback on any necessary adjustments. This may involve analyzing data, conducting regular check-ins with the project team, and providing recommendations on how to optimize the project for better outcomes.
When the project is ready for deployment, we can help ensure a smooth transition by overseeing the rollout and providing support to staff as needed.
Even after the project has been deployed, we can provide ongoing support to ensure that the AI system continues to function effectively. This may include troubleshooting, providing regular updates and maintenance, and conducting periodic evaluations to ensure that the project is still meeting your goals.
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