Ovanya | Data is The New Oil

Data is The New Oil

Future is about AI and we are here
to help you answer tomorrow’s questions, today.
Let us listen to your data, because we turn data into doing.

First Kurdish OCR Engine.

Ovanya's KOCR is a service that detects and extracts text and data from scanned documents. KOCR is the first Kurdish optical character recognition, and now it is available to be applied in any application.


Ovanya provides a variety of AI services that are so much auspicious for Kurdish and Kurdistan. With our advantageous data science services, we can help you work smarter. we have efficacious solutions for your business and projects. Ovanya helps you effectively harness deep learning technologies and turn them into profitable business ventures. When our pre-built services can’t fulfill your requirements then we have custom-built services for you. Your Imagination, Our innovation.

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Computer Vision

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Natural Language Processing

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Analytics and Data Visualization

About Us

Ovanya is a private Company, based in Erbil Kurdistan-Iraq. World is heading towards AI, and We are surrounded by data but often starved for insights. So we as a team of data scientists and software engineers came up with propitious solutions. Artificial intelligence is growing every day at a furious rate. We want Kurdistan to play a role in this AI era and guess what, we have the technologies that will deliver it. Ovanya has proven itself the best AI company in Kurdistan through developing the first Kurdish text recognition, and it is aiming to provide further AI related service and applications.