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About Ovanya

Ovanya is a company that specializes in AI and Data Science. Our team consists of AI experts, data scientists, software engineers, and business leaders who bring together their diverse skills to develop valuable solutions for our customers. We are committed to developing innovative products that help businesses make better decisions and drive growth. Our mission is to empower organizations with the power of AI and data science so they can unlock maximum value from their data. 

Services We are Providing

Ovanya’s services include cutting-edge solutions that leverage AI and Data Science techniques to help you achieve your business and organizational goals. We have the expertise to assist you in a variety of areas, from computer vision to natural language processing (NLP) and recommendation systems. Discover the full scope of our services and gain insights into how your organization can leverage our offerings to achieve the best results. Your Imagination, Our innovation.

Recent Projects

ShowMarket’s Recommendation System
ShowMarket’s Recommendation System
Check out our latest project with ShowMarket, a recommendation system that helps users find the best products for their needs.
KII’s Event
KII’s Event
Our project with Kurdistan Innovation Institute (KII) consisted of a greeting system that could recognize the faces of the guests and greet them in a personalized way.
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