Ovanya provides a variety of AI services that are so much auspicious for Kurdish and Kurdistan. With our advantageous data science services, we can help you work smarter. we have efficacious solutions for your business and projects. Ovanya helps you effectively harness deep learning technologies and turn them into profitable business ventures. When our pre-built services can’t fulfill your requirements then we have custom-built services for you. Your Imagination, Our innovation.

Computer Vision

With our computer vision services your applications can identify people, places, and things. We made it possible for you to extract and recognize text from Kurdish printed and handwritten documents, books and tables. We can provide lots of tailored detection and classification solutions from smoking detection in gas stations to detecting guns and cameras for security purposes. With our video content analysis tools your applications can analyze a huge number of videos and categorize them based on face recognition and a list of your desired keywords. We help you to have more control over vehicle location data with our ANPR system. And create products that save you time and cost by embedding vision capabilities in your apps. No machine learning expertise is required, We will do it for you.

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Natural Language Processing

When it comes to natural language processing for Kurdish language there is only one solution, Ovanya. We provide NLP tools that are capable to do almost all sorts of operations on texts. Your applications will be able to do tasks such as topic detection, sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and document categorizations. Our services include first grammar checker for Kurdish language. with our custom-built bots your customers will have a better experience while using your websites. We use machine learning to reveal the structure and meaning of text, so it can be used for analysis in social media and help you to understand your customers better. The service identifies the dialect of the text, how positive or negative the text is, who is targeted in the text and so many other tasks.

Natural Language Processing

Analytics and Data Visualization

With our Analytics services you can understand how people use your sites and apps, so you can take action to improve their experience. We measure and analyze interactions of your users with your websites and visualize the data and our analytics in a transparent and user-friendly way. You can access all kinds of reports needed for your business. Here we step forward and don’t leave you alone with huge analysis and visualization results, we offer recommendation systems based on user interactions. With machine learning we can easily find and sort the content based on your customers preferences. The services are designed to check performance of your marketing, content, products and more. We are here because we want you to know…

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