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Optical Character Recognition

Ovanya’s OCR models can extract textual data from images or scanned documents. The system is customizable in a variety of different ways, including recognizing characters that are numbers, letters, symbols, and fonts in many different languages. In addition, we can accompany you to easily integrate the service into your pre-existing software systems. The following are some of our efforts regarding OCR, they include:

Kurdish Optical Character Recognition (KOCR)
KOCR is the first Kurdish Optical Character Recognition that can extract Kurdish texts from documents accurately, it works for all popular Kurdish fonts and it can be trained on any desired font. This expedites the archival of Kurdish documents and books. It can be combined with our custom-built Document Layout Analysis (DLA) system for the correct extraction of structured documents, such as invoices or tables. We can provide this service to organizations as an API or as a web-based application depending on what they prefer. Moreover, KOCR is unique in the fact that it has a full spectrum of solutions for the needs of governmental agencies.
Document Layout Analysis (DLA)
Ovanya's highly customizable DLA add-on helps the KOCR system to automatically identify regions of interest in scanned documents or text documents. By incorporating DLA, texts can be identified from different segments such as titles, captions, headers, footers, signature stamps, etc. You can directly store each corresponding segment with its metadata in your database or process them on the fly in any way you desire. DLA helps the OCR be less dependent on human intervention.
Table Extraction
We can also add table extractors that can accurately extract information from tables in printed documents. Manually extracting tables can be time-consuming and error-prone. Therefore, businesses and organizations that have finance, healthcare, and legal departments can use this feature to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.
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