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Ovanya has developed and fine-tuned its own face recognition model. Our models have been trained on tens of thousands of human faces from different nationalities and skin types. This addition assisted in creating a facial recognition model that is capable of detecting and recognizing faces across diverse ethnicities. What makes our face recognition system special is that it’s been trained on thousands of Kurdish faces which makes it exceptionally accurate when it comes to recognizing Kurdish faces. The system is customizable to be tailored to your special use cases and integrated into your pre-existing infrastructure. In addition to face recognition, we can incorporate complementary algorithms to enhance the functionality of the system and gather more accurate data for real-time or future decision-making. These extra features can be:

People Counting
Our state-of-the-art People Counting system is designed to accurately count the number of individuals entering the camera view. Organizations can count people attending events and ceremonies, or the number of people who are visiting a retail market every day. This can be especially useful for businesses and event organizers seeking to track attendance accurately and reliably. Unlike traditional methods, which often rely on sensors that are prone to inaccuracies, our system provides a highly reliable and efficient means of gathering this critical information. One of the key benefits of our People Counting system is its ability to accurately differentiate between individuals, even in situations where the same person may attend an event multiple times over several days. Moreover, our People Counting system eliminates the potential for false readings that can arise from sensor-based methods by ensuring that only actual individuals are counted, providing highly accurate and dependable data. This results in organizations making better-informed decisions about future events and activities.
People Classification
When organizations gather information about their audience, they may require specific details ranging from their gender to the way they are dressed. This system can be used to classify and extract certain information about a person based on their characteristics and behavior. Our system can distinguish a person’s age group, gender, and other traits. Businesses have the option of using this model in marketing, advertising, and in security. Furthermore, organizations can target their audience more effectively and improve their planning for future activities.
Attention Tracking
Our face attention algorithm measures people’s level of engagement by analyzing the direction of their heads through the use of a camera that can be placed on any screen. This system can be used for businesses that are using any form of OOH (out-of-home advertising) to advertise products and services. Moreover, our model can be leveraged to observe the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns by analyzing the data collected from the algorithm over a specific span of time. This will improve their marketing strategies and help them gain valuable information about the products or services that are resonating most with their consumers.
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