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Kurdish Spell Checker

Our cutting-edge Central Kurdish spell checker was trained on hundreds of thousands of Central Kurdish articles. It is capable of distinguishing misspellings across various parts of speech. Not only can this system identify misspellings, but it can also detect words used incorrectly in the context of a sentence. It is a valuable source of proofreading for news agencies, journalists, and writers who are seeking to improve the quality of their writing content. We have used rule-based algorithms for checking Kurdish morphemes as well as deep learning algorithms for getting the meaning of a context of sentences. This ensures that the system can not only perform well during spell-checking, but it can also learn from its mistakes with user feedback. It has the potential to significantly impact the quality of written content in Kurdish and contribute to the growth of Kurdish literature and culture. The tool can be integrated into different workflows, such as content creation, translation, or social media management, allowing writers to produce error-free content quickly and efficiently. this spellchecker can easily be integrated into any desired software. We can also provide a friendly user interface that writers can use for writing assistance and an API for any other platform.

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